The Primary Classroom Curriculum is a fully digital, updated version of our original print-based Mindfulness Curriculum - Manual for Educators. We know how important it is to have classroom resources which are easily accessible and engaging, for both teachers and students. The new Primary Classroom Curriculum builds on our original Mindfulness Curriculum, and additionally includes new lesson plans, meditations and activities. In addition, the new program also includes a Student View which can be used in the classroom to deliver a Smiling Mind SEL skills-building lesson.

What’s new in the Primary Classroom Curriculum?

  • Digital Student View presentations for every lesson

  • Detailed digital lesson plans

  • Visible learning intentions for every lesson

  • An Orientation Lesson which introduces mindfulness and meditation, including mindfulness colouring and brain break activities

  • Integrated audio meditations for every lesson, including new meditations

  • Printable Integrate Worksheets for mindfulness beyond the classroom

  • Scribble / annotation tool to support on-screen learning

  • New printable resources, posters and worksheets to support mental health literacy in the classroom.

  • Trauma-informed mindfulness practice tips for every meditation

  • New meditations include a choice of meditation narrators/voices and additional meditations, within some lessons

  • Skill building (SEL, meditation, and regulation) and differentiation supported across the program

  • New characters Meemo and Koda to guide students through their mindfulness journey.