1. You can access the program by clicking the Classroom tab in the left menu in Learning Hub. 


2. To get started, we recommend reviewing the information in the Getting Started section. This section contains the key information for Educators such as the scope and sequence of the program, our pedagogical approach, mapping to the Australian Curriculum, and tips for how to set-up your classroom for meditation. 

Simply select any of the Read More buttons to access any content in the Getting Started the section.


3. Once you have reviewed the Getting Started information, you can access the lesson content by first selecting a year level from the menu. The Program includes lessons for Years 1 - 6.  


4. There are 21 lessons available for each year level. Select the Lesson Plan button to access the lesson plan, resources, meditations and Student View for each topic. 


5. Within a lesson, you will find quick access to the recommended resources and meditations for that lesson, as well as access to the Student View. 


The meditations are available in both the Teacher View as the Student View. When you select a meditation link from the lesson plan in the Teacher View, you'll be navigated to where you can play the meditation within the Practise tab in the Student View. To return to the lesson plan, select the Teacher View button in the top right corner of the screen.



6. To navigate back to a different lesson or year level, use the back buttons in the top left of each page.