The Primary Classroom Curriculum includes a Student View for each lesson within the Program. The Student View includes student-facing content for the lesson, such as classroom discussion prompts, meditations, and both take-home and classroom activities.  

We recommend projecting the Student View onto a screen in the classroom screen during a Smiling Mind lesson. The lesson is divided into five sections; Learn, Practice, Debrief, Integrate, and Solidify. Refer to the Getting Started section within the Program for more information about each of these sections. 


Simply click the tabs to navigate through each section in the lesson.



Click the double-ended arrow icon to view in fullscreen mode. 



To annotate the screen, select the pencil icon in the annotation tool. The tool is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Use the slider to adjust the pen size and the colour selector to switch colours. There’s also an eraser so you can remove your annotations. Note that annotations will be automatically erased when you navigate to a new page or tab.


To exit annotation mode, click the arrow icon in the annotation tool.